Monday, July 25, 2005

A bit about me...

Well, I realized that I'd made my first post w/out even giving some tidbits about me....

I'm a die-hard Clipper, Dodger, LA Kings, Raiders & Chivas de Guadalajara fan. Now, normally this would be cause for concern (well, minus Chivas, since they've been kicking ass & taking names for like..ever!) but I know what to expect from "my" teams. Having been a Clipper fan since '87 has honestly made me a better person- you learn that while it's nice to have awe-inspiring goals, it's best to have a more realistic grip on life. Sure everyone bags on them but I'm loyal & was sure last year's team had the basis of something special, then, BAM!..the injury bug hit like Bobby Brown upside Whitney's dome & no playoffs (again). Well, enough about my undying love-hate relationship w/my favorite teams.

While I used to think I had a gajillion friends (I tend to easily get along w/all types of people), I've come to realize I'm real guarded w/my friendships. Most of my good friends I've known for 15+ years (heck, my buddy Rudy & I go way back to 1st grade!) w/a couple good peeps I've met at places I've worked at along the way.

Familia is such an important thing, I'm real tight w/my immediate family. Sure, we might not agree on everything but they're familia & I love 'em to death- especially mom. My grandma & I are also real close. I just wish I could see her more often in her later years (though I've been working on that)- but it makes our reunions just that much more special & emotional. I'm a godfather to 3 (niece, nephew & cousin) & uncle to 6 (3 girls & 3 boys). I have no kids of my own (although being the oldest of 6 sure makes me feel like i've been a parent). I still can't believe my "baby" sister is gonna be a senior & "baby" bro a junior in h.s. I still remember buying them cute little USC or Dodger outfits, taking them to my baseball games & warming up their bottles...boy how time flies.



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