Sunday, July 31, 2005

Shooting Pool

So I talked to Oscar (BigO) yesterday & he wanted to shoot some pool. Being anti-social's never been one of my strong points so I was game. There's a spot by my pad called Cue Ball which I've driven by 100 times but never gone to so I called my friend Lolly to ask her if she thought it was a cool spot to chill at. She mentioned it's up the street from her new house & her husband Steve told her to invite us for a beer before we go shoot some pool. Oscar got here & he was down. What Lolly didn't tell me is that the "block" they live on is some small ass street (think of an alley) but we found it & they were working on the yard. Long story short, I downed a cold one while they showed us their cute little house & I fixed their dvd/cable/tv setup. Knowing that Oscar had to work early, we thanked 'em for the hospitality & headed off.

Once we got there, the place had a really cool vibe to it and the prices aren't too bad (gotta love $9 pitchers). Only thing that kinda sucked (well, for BigO) is that they don't serve any hard liquor (he can't drink beer after his surgery) so I felt bad being the only one drinking. We were there nearly 3 hours & had a good time catching up while checking out the fly honies. There were a couple girls at the table next to us & I just know BigO wanted to talk to 'em but he's always been a little shy (ever since I met his cherry-picking self when we played his school in basketball back in 8th grade). It was good seeing BigO go out, though- he's never been much into that (I gave up asking himto go clubbing or bar-hopping w/us when I used to do that like 2-3 times a week). So while it might be hard to get O to join us at some salsa club or one of the spots I dig (ie, Firecracker, the Room, etc), it's good to see him going out more. Baby steps, my friend, baby steps...



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