Monday, August 01, 2005


Writing about Lolly reminded me about Yvonne, her sis. I've only met their other sisters briefly but they didn't seem to be as similar as Lolly & Yvonne- good, kind-hearted souls. In my opinion, it's such a blessing to know people that are like this 'cuz they're quite the rarity (especially here in the City of Angels). I'll provide a perfect example: a group of friends went out one nite and everyone got trashed (minus Yvonne who was the designated). Since I'd driven to Jesse & Yvonne's place out on the Westside, no way was I driving in that drunken state home. So Yvonne tells everyone to spend the night (a couch in the living room never felt so comfortable, lemme tell ya). I wake up around 9am to the smell of breakfast. Boy oh boy, Yvonne had gone ALL out- turkey albondigas (meatball soup), eggs (the way I like 'em too, just the egg whites), beans & flour tortillas. Talk about hospitality, but we weren't expecting all that. Yvonne didn't have to do that, she'd been up just as late as the rest of us, but she did- 'cuz good people do that kind of stuff for friends. I *think* Lolly might've helped but those 2 are always bickering about who cooks best. Typical sisters, I guess. ;)

I hadn't talked to Jesse & Yvonne in quite some time so I called 'em up yesterday. Jesse wasn't home (too bad too, wanted to say wassup to him) so I talked to Yvonne for a bit. We caught up & talked about all kinds of things. It's really odd, I have this weird connection w/Lolly & Yvonne- where we can just talk about anything at the drop of a dime- maybe we knew each other in a previous life or something. Either way, always good having good friends you can talk to & not feel bad or embarassed if things aren't going so well for you (friends that don't judge you). The good thing is that they know I'm there for them too, if they ever need it...rare, but good relationships to have. :)



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