Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So I've lost 38 lbs. since the beginning of March. A couple of you have asked me how I've done it so I decided to just post it here:

1) eliminated fried foods
2) reduced the portions of red meat that I eat
3) increased vegetables/fruits in my daily regimen
4) eliminated just 100 calories a day (just started doing this 2wks ago) which = 2 tortillas daily
5) stayed positive

What led to the change? I saw 2 pix of myself about a year ago & was like "wow, why didn't my friends tell me?!!!" As you can see, exercise isn't on that list. It's because I really haven't exercised but I figure once I get into a good workout/lifting routine, that's how I'll lose the 15-20 lbs. I'd still like to shed. While the pictures were the catalyst, I did it mostly to change bad habits & get into healthy routines. I'll stress that I've always looked @ the mirror & liked myself- maybe i wasn't content or satisfied but I never looked at myself w/disdain. I've always said that it's that FIRST step that's the toughest but once you get past that, there's no turning back.

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