Sunday, May 14, 2006


So ABC decided not to pickup today's Clipper game vs. the Suns. Had it been the Lakers (or probably anyone else for that matter) I'm sure they'd a jumped @ the chance. But nooooo, the Clippers aren't good enough for ABC &, thus, disallowed many POTENTIAL fans in L.A. from seeing what a truly fine organization this has become (from top to bottom). Sure, the game's still on cable (TNT @ 5pm pst) but that's not the point. Year after year, this organization gets ridiculed for miserly mismanagement & now that the Clippers have it turned around, most of the media still isn't showing them any respect. You'd figure that the media would want to celebrate an "underdog" organization which has arisen from the ashes, an example of how hard work & perseverance pays off amidst a sea of jeers...but what do i know.

Now if only my Chivas de Guadalajara could win by 2 goals today, then they'd move onto the final.

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