Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Ok, so it's been a while since I posted. Busy, yadda yadda. Anyway, a brief recap since my last post (in semi-chronological order):
-Work...busy...typical stuff here.
-Jose's bday celebration was mucho fun...Dave coming out & having ALL the guys together (Willy, Rudy, Jose, Carlos, Oscar & Dave) was a nice, rare site.
-My grandma was here visiting from Jalisco & stayed longer than she'd initially planned...talk about a nice bday gift! :)
-Jay (to those of you that know him) got married to Mi-wa. Hope you 2 are having fun in SD! We want pictures!!!
-Tino got married!! When we going inner-tubing down the Salt River again, Mr. SunsFan?
-Memo & Jo had their baby (congrats!!...again)...she's absolutely gorgeous!!!
-Dave & Marie got engaged! (felicitaciones!)...Dave, all the guys keep asking me "where's our invites, darnitt?!!!" =P
-Bday celebrations galore the last couple months-- Ayde, Evelyn, Willy, Oscar, the list keeps goin' & goin'.
-Currently, I'm working on a website, building a small fileserver, having fun w/music production & have a few other projects that occupy my "spare time."
-Everyone's families are in good health, which is always the BEST update... :)



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