Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Links 101

A brief description of why each link (on the right-hand pane) is there:
MyPix - A little something for everyone.
La Cucaracha - Latino-based political comic strip.
Boondocks - Another political comic strip..also on tv @ Cartoon Network.
Foxtrot - Video game based comic strip.
Anime Info - Great site for searching for info on various anime movies/shows
Strongbad - 1 of the internet's most famous flash-based sites...still going strong & super duper hilarious!
KPFK 90.7FM - Independent radio station here in L.A. & home to thee best conscious hip-hop (fridays 10pm-1am) & reggae (sundays 3pm-5pm) programs on the airwaves.
KCRW 89.9FM - Phat, eclectic beats from around the world & awesome dj's...need I say more?
FutureBoogie - English site dedicated to awesome electronica beats/dj's.
Housemusic.com - This site had way more content back in the day, but it's still the OG.
Firecracker - One of my top 3 favorite clubs in L.A. (it's in Chinatown). Live jazz (downstairs) + phat hip-hop beats (upstairs) = fun night 4 all.
Def Poetry- HBO show hosted by Mos Def (one of my fav. musical artists) showcasing the skill & art involved in the spoken word. Seasons 1-3 should be out on dvd.
Talib Kweli - Mos Def's other half in the group Blackstar. Conscious rhyme-maker extraordinaire.
Aterciopelados - Thee best spanish rock band around. Yea, I said it! Smooth melodies, great lyrics & sweet beats. If you ever have a chance to see 'em live, DO IT!
Domingo7- Saw them @ this coffee shop in Pasadena years ago & loved their vibe. I keep running into them @ various concerts (opened for both Ozomatli & Buena Vista Social Club) & turns out they're playing quite a bit @ Firecracker. Small world.
Barbed Wire Boys - Tom's band. Southern rock? Rockabilly? The best way I can describe them is that EVERY single person I've ever taken to see them, comes back for more.
SC - home of the Trojans, baby!!!
Verbum Dei - A great high school in the heart of L.A. Verb_Pride!
UberGeek TV- All tech, all the time.
DFR - My college buddy's radio show on KPFK 90.7FM (friday nites 10pm-1am). Where conscious hip-hop, phat beats & droppin' knowledge smoothly meld.
Kids In Sports - Wonderful inner-city program which I was fortunate enough to volunteer at for nearly 10 years as a Head Coach.



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