Sunday, December 03, 2006

Buncha whinos...

So, yea, I went to go watch the 'SC game w/a bunch of college buddies & friends. UCLA played a helluva game & ran their gameplan to perfection as coach Carroll got outcoached by coach Dorrell. They deserved the hard-fought win.

But this post is about college coaches & presidents around the nation whining their way into BCS games. We all remember Cal getting screwed out of the Rose Bowl a couple years back as the Texas coach was whining at any media member he could find & they got in. This year, it was the Florida president AND coach (urban meyer) doing the whining to the media & they got into the BCS championship game vs. Ohio State. We look down on this behavior on a national level because this isn't what our kids should be getting taught (you can argue parents "give in" all the time, exemplified by the temper tantum-throwing kid in the market getting the ice cream he so wanted after all, etc). But c'mon, these are freaking grown men whining about why they should be "picked" by the voters. The NBA enacted a no-whining rule this year, I wish the NCAA would do the same. You can't have it both ways- chastising kids for their temper tantrums while adults on national tv are doing the same.

It's like a commercial I saw on tv this week geared at parents: you can't just tell your kids to eat healthy & exercise, you have to DO & lead by example 'cuz kids won't emulate what you tell 'em but they will emulate what they see. It's no wonder so much of our youth is growing up spoiled, all they see on tv is national figureheads whining about things & then getting what they want. Some nice lesson we're learning from leaders at our institutions of higher education...

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