Wednesday, December 06, 2006


So I've been doing some cleaning & going through old docs/papers I don't need (dang, shredding stuff feels so good!) & came across a poem I wrote about my grandma & my 1st trip back to Mexico a while back. Enjoy it while I try & translate this to spanish & see if still rhymes (yes, it's cheesy, I know):


I miss my grandma,
I really do.
I need my grandma,
As I'm sure you do too.

I miss her love,
her stories and dedication.
I miss her tears of joy,
her caring ways and always giving gratification.

She is not far,
for she is still around.
But it was a trying experience,
for this wonderful woman to be found.

I finally had the money,
so I had to go.
Especially if it meant,
traveling to the heart of Mexico.

Ten glorious days I spent in the motherland,
place of my birth.
So the expenses I can assure you,
it was well worth.

Family galore,
I never knew I had so many.
But the most important of all,
is my sweetie of a granny.

(M. H. Morales; written 2/10/97)

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