Thursday, August 18, 2005

New wheels?

So I've been mulling it over for some time & I've decided to get a new car in the next year. Not because I really want or need something new but, moreso, because of my plan to buy a house sometime in the next couple years (or when LA home prices start dropping) so my plan is to increase my credit rating & getting a car is the best way to do that I'm told.

While i won't have the scratch to get my dream car (though by 2007, Nissan should be making Skylines that are US-friendly w/its emissions so the prices won't be astronomical, like they are now), I'll be getting something a bit more sensible. I'm diggin' the new Mazda3 5-dr- it's sporty, has good torque (aka, huevos) & not high priced at around 15k. Besides, it's really a nice little utility vehicle for when I wanna go out w/friends, have my brother/sister w/me, etc. I also see potential w/after-market addons since it has some real nice lines that can be accentuated.

What do I plan to do w/my 2 current hoopties you ask? Well donate them of course! I figure the Accord to my 'lil bro (depending on his grades!) since he's a huge car fan & I've already dropped cash into tricking it out- which he likes (but it'll be real hard for me give up Betsy). The Mirage either to my baby sis (depending on her grades as well) or to moms (her commute is rough). I figure this solves everyone's problems & I won't be having to renew tags on cars I don't drive anymore. :)



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