Monday, February 12, 2007

...1 (project) out of many...

I've got tons of projects on my plate. I've realized that when I was super duper busy, in the past, is when I was most successful. Here's but a few things on the list (& where I'm at in the process):

My side-business >Secured the domain, putting finishing touches on it before it goes live.

My house music site >Don't have a place to host it (properly) yet but it was quick & you can download songs I've created/remixed.

Gather >Social networking site, need to get more of my friends to "see the light."

Linux Group on Gather >Group I created aimed at users of Linux, need to add more content.

My pix >Stay tuned for lots of updates (well, once I get access to a scanner).

MySpace >Pretty empty & like zero priority, at the moment.

I'm currently building 2 websites, a webserver/mp3 server & trying to wrap my brain around coding an ezboard forum so that I can have the fully-functional, lush site I've been striving for. Finishing my book is high on the priority list & joined a couple contests where the prize is a publishing contract so stay tuned.

As if there was any such thing as "free time," I've also been volunteering, what little I can, for a couple of projects, one of which is something that exemplifies something I truly believe in- FOSS (free open-source software).

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