Friday, March 23, 2007

Best Concert EVER!

It's been a few weeks now & I've been able to digest what I (& my little brother @ his 1st concert) was able to witness the night of 3/3/07 @ the LA Center Studios. I can't even begin to explain the beauty & positivity that flowed throughout the evening. The evening began @ 4pm & ended just after midnight & was filled with great music, lyrics & a positive scene (as Fidel said @ the end of the night, not even 1 fight ensued). Just great people, enjoying great music on a wondrous night. I met several cool peeps including the Native Guns, which really dropped it- fusing mind-churning lyrics, phat beats & even blending a little tagalog to spice it up. Pix of the evening aren't up yet (darn camera's acting up something bad) but they will be soon so check back. The event was hosted by Fidel & DJ'ed by the DFR DJ's which were dope as ever!

My brother & I had a blast! Great event fusing hip hop, spoken word specialists (even one of the modern day innovators in this genre- Saul Williams) & thought-provoking speakers. It was really a treat for me as I'd never seen X-Clan nor KRS-1 live (especially since 1 of my 1st music purchases was an X-Clan tape- along w/Digital Underground & MC Hammer). But everyone really brought great energy. Medusa was super fly. Anomolies was an all-female group that really got down. Visionaries, Living Legends & Dilated Peoples always rock the house & did so again. KRS-1 freestyled for a good 10-13 minutes. The icing on the cake was Wil.I.Am showing up @ the end & freestyling for almost 7 minutes. Now that's hip hop! Below is a list of the event participants in chronological order:

1- Olmeca (
2- Native Guns (myspace/nativeguns)
3- Anomolies
4- Aztlan Underground
5- Quetzal
6- Visionaries
7- Medusa
8- Suher Hammad (spoken word)
9- Sabac Red
10- Funkdoobiest
11- x-clan
12- saul williams (spoken word)
13- Luis Rodriguez (speaker, author)
14- Cynthia McKenna (speaker, congresswoman)
15- Psycho Realm
16- Soul Elevation
17- Living Legends
18- Chief ChasingHorse (speaker)
19- Dilated Peoples
20- KRS-1
21- Wil.I.Am (special, surprise guest)

Thank you for having me, it was my pleasure to partake in the positivity & bathe in conscious lyrics fused with body-bumpin' beats.

ps. The link is now showing the next concert on tap on 4/7/07 & has removed the flyer for the concert I attended on 3/3/07 which is the topic of this blurb...but it's still relevant here.

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