Saturday, August 06, 2005

Billiards spot

So this Cue Ball place is quickly becoming our new "billiards spot." BigO & I went again there last night. I gotta admit, I'm digging that Oscar's calling *me* up & saying "let's hang out." This is definitely a marked difference from how it used to be. Who know's, maybe O's getting his swerve back but either way, it's good stuff hanging w/old friends who are good peeps.

This spot's pretty mellow & you see people of all types/ages (the only drawback is that the jukebox kinda sux, which can be huge). Allegedly, Willy's gonna be going out w/us next Friday night- I'll believe it when I see it. Willy's another friend from back in the day but he always seems hella busy these days. Then again, since Oscar's the one telling him to go out, maybe he will (more like, maybe he BETTER!). That's right Willy-Will, I'm calling you out, beyotch!



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