Saturday, August 06, 2005

RTD vs. hoopty (you decide)...

So I've realized something...I used to have WAY more game when I had a bus pass vs. now that I actually have a car. WTF is up w/that?!!! I figured it'd be the other way around! Don't get me wrong, not having to depend on the bus' schedule to dictate your life is a wonderful thang but I gotta wonder what's up w/the difference. I met SO many women while i was riding the Rough Tough & Dangerous & but it's not the same when you have a car. Maybe it's just the more social nature of being stuck on a bus for an hour w/total strangers that "forces" you to meet people- or at least break out the social skillz. Still though, I used to be in headphones reading a book most of the time but if someone piqued my curiosity, I'd put away the music & just read- somehow, you're a LOT more accessible if you can hear them asking you for the time, if you could pass the Metro section to 'em or how they'd just read that book too (all quite noble excuses for them trying to get a conversation going...i know, i've used 'em, hehe). I mean, the difference there is quite clear, the most you'll be doing while in your car is smiling at the fly honey w/no chance for conversation (& hoping she didn't catch you singing along to your favorite rock en espanol song).

But c'mon, I have a car!!! I can actually take 'em out on a date and not have to go "I'll meet you there" out of pure embarassment of having no wheels. Admittedly, the best thing about rollin' on the bus was that when you met someone you liked & then made plans for a date, the conversation inevitably veered towards the details (who's picking up who, what time, where you going, etc.). The most difficult part (harder than having the balls to talk to her, much less ask her out, or even to get her phone #) was having to be completely honest & tell her you didn't have a car. This had the potential of ending in one of 2 ways- the girl slowly realizing she didn't wanna go out on a date w/you 'cuz she was used to being picked up OR the girl being cool & going "oh, that's ok, we can meet somewhere or I can go pick you up (I was lucky enough not to have a girl blow me off for no wheels)." See this is the sweetest part, 'cuz if the girl is still interested after you just announced you don't have a car, then you KNOW she's not materialistic or worried about social norms, etc. And that, my friends, is a perfect example of what the term a diamond in the rough means.

Yea, I know...I need to do more research...

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